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Jacuzzi of Lubbock

To help you relax! This is the number goal of Jacuzzi of Lubbock. We offer only the best Lubbock hot tubs, equipment and service available in the area. Allow our highly trained staff to help you choose the best hot tub for your home or establishment. With 50 years (Jacuzzi) of quality hot tub innovations, Jacuzzi is dedicated in helping you create great and awesome memories with your family and friends. Both kids and adults will surely love the experience that our Lubbock hot tubs can provide.

Jacuzzi of Lubbock is the world’s largest provider of hot tubs and we are consistently advancing in innovation, efficiency and hydrotherapy. Genuine Lubbock jacuzzi have been tested in almost every environment including the coldest temperatures you can think of, to make sure that you will be provided with only the best products worth of your time, money and effort. We build one of the most energy efficient hot tubs in the world, so you can freely relax without worrying about your monthly bills.

Our commitment to the clients cannot be compromised on any level, so we offer only genuine quality products to everyone. We stand behind our products as we know that these are the finest possible products.

Come Experience The Jacuzzi Difference!

What We Offer

Jacuzzi of Lubbock offers a wide range of hot tubs and Jacuzzis which are designed to match the needs as well as space requirements of our clients. Whether you want a small hot tub that can accommodate 2-3 people or you’d like one which can accommodate the whole family, we have a Jacuzzi that’ll suit you. Take a look at the different series and models we offer and get familiar with the benefits of every product and its amenities as well. You want vibrant LEDs to add some color to your Jacuzzi experience or an iPod dock system that can help you relax even deeper? Well, we have it for you!

Lubbock Hot Tubs

Our Lubbock hot tubs series are extremely popular and are designed to have all the features you need to complete your relaxation and hydration therapy. From the average sized but extra luxurious hot tub to the one that can accommodate up to 9 people, Jacuzzi of Lubbock has it for you. Take a moment to look over our hot tubs and see which one is the best for you and your loved ones.

Lubbock Swim Spas

Are you a beginner swimmer or you just want to relax at home by taking a dip in a luxurious swim spa? Well, we have a wide range of series and models that you can choose from. The Lubbock swim spas we offer will not only help you in honing your swimming skills, but it can also be used for exercising. Run, walk or job against the currents for your cardiovascular workout. Stretch cords, clips and handles are included to help you with your strength training, toning and upper body building. Before you workout, stretch your body using the dual grab bars to minimize or avoid muscle pain.